Ah the little man with the length issues is having another temper tantrum. Yesterday he declared N. Korea can arm long-range missiles with nuclear warheads. Isn’t that just a little optimistic? Seeing as he failed at trying various means to extend his reach before, this is just another lesson in futility. When the extender stops working, just say NO. If the pump won’t make it grow, give it up. Puppy says this is one little man who needs to discover melons. Puppy is that your excuse? Is shrinkage an issue? Puppy is giving me the middle paw.

Then we have yet another funny, a seriously dead man coming back from the dead to declare his spectacular attack on US until the end. Bertha is scratching her wig.  Either that man went thru the change, is having hormonal mood swings, or Cheney is at it again trying to create a new terror threat. This would be original. Having two dead men causing yet new catastrophic attacks on humans. So is that where the Koch brother plan to spend their billions? I mean it takes money to find and train a new black op, then there is the language issue, finding a new beard, getting a spray tan, change the birth and death certificates. Ask Tim Osman, oh I forgot, we can’t,  he died back in 2001 from Kidney  disease. Cheney , you just have to plan better.

Maybe this time Cheney will just have to do it himself. First he has to deal with the little guy with the length issue. Dick, he already tried the pump. Implants didn’t work, maybe prunes? He is like a teen ager with a zit. He knows he has the mechanics and parts, but has not been able to get a date or figure out how to use it. First hint, stop killing off older men who know how to use it, have had their share of dates, do not have length issues. Must have gone to Harvard, how else do you explain such arrogance? Hey, if it did not work with the shoe company, it won’t work for you.

But back to the Koch Brothers; It will take more than billions to start a new fake war, create a bogus terror threat, find CIA who still want to work with you, go into hiding, uproot their families, find new schools. You need to find a willing politico who will read his lines properly,  find a new animal. The goat said he is no longer  working for free and has joined a union. Maybe you can hire an out of work broker from Goldman Sachs. Forgot, you did that one too already. It just gets harder and harder to come up with new material. Dick scared the crap out of everyone from the last time, so everyone is a little wary of working with someone who has that many issues with paranoia and S&M. There are good shrinks for that at the pen.He could play solitare, Risk, no maybe that would not be such a good idea, or Battle ship. Nope Bertha says that could lead  him  to conduct plots from within.  I think you need to disengage from Senoir Psychopath. Puppy says that whole group has Trotsky issues. The public is screwed if they get into office.

Tantrum boy needs to find a target that Cheney has not bought, paid off or bribed. . As for Osman,  if they can pull off that old parlor trick, they are better than we thought .But seriously, I think someone needs to run a cat scan. can distract him by telling him Hillary has switched to the dark side.


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