The World Has Gone Crazy, Let’s Misbehave..

Bertha is fuming AGAIN! Not only could her rights to get the “PILL” at risk, so is her right to have her tits checked, her tushy examined, her body examined for potential health risks. Bertha enjoys those exams, she likes getting groped, not so much the needles, or the glove up the kazoo, but will allow it if she gets dinner and drinks first. But due to a group of constipated, uptight, backwoods, creationists, and worse…Catholics, she may have to forgo those whoopee moments.

Bertha could have the neighborhood letch give her the exams, grope her, but it would not be the same. There is something about those naughty hospital gowns, the cold, steel of the tools used, the tables with the “do me” options, that send her into a frenzy. Getting groped by a politician isn’t the same either, they are so use to feeling up tits they can’t tell one pair from another. If you are a sheep in need of a check up, that could be a problem. Doctors can tell which are real and which will chip a tooth. They can tell if there is one lump or two that needs to come out. They can tell who has been deep sea diving, or just fishing for trout, and crabs.

Alas poor sheep, your rights to getting those free groping sessions may come to an end if a certain group of politicos, hell bent on forcing their agenda on the rest of us, get their way. no more whoopee cushions after pushing out a basket ball from our cha- cha, no more pills that take those wild and bitchy moods away, no more exams to see if we need to be inflated. Nada. Bertha isn’t happy. What do old men know about cramps, or the misery of bloating. When Bertha gets the bloats, she is miserable. She looks as if she sat in an all night schwitz, without the scotch. If she has Flo visit, she is even worse. The mood swings are the worst. One minute she is sweet and kind and the next, Hannibal lector appears out of nowhere wanting to take a man’s privates and crush them like walnuts. Then the munchies set in and she will eat Puppy out of his stash, demand more, until she looks like a Macy’s Day Parade float. Then the gas sets in and oy, you need to be down wind.

But the supreme court and those damn creationists don’t care about any of that. Hell No. They want you to bend over, take it and squat in a field. Pain? Pray about it, Cramps? It’s in the bible, so it must be good. Um, ladies, I don’t think so. When you are inches away with a pair of Snip me tools near your man, and he has fear in his eyes, you need meds. he needs a restraining order. Catholic nuns don’t care, they get it on in the pews. Come on ladies as if we didn’t know, or the tunnels leading to his sworn reverence. Give sheep a break. We have seen how you sweat around certain delivery men. And sheep are to take rules from priests who can’t keep their hands off of little boys? NO. Its not going to happen, we had a meeting, they voted hell no! So that leads us to the creationists who want to force their back woods agendas on us.

Trust me, if Bertha is feeling deflated, she is going to get her groove on. If she needs those birth control pills, she is going to get them, even if you say No. No more spitting kids out like puppies, no more inner breeding because daddy wants to get his groove on with his daughters. No that is not in the damn bible. Don’t tell me sheep don’t read enough. No book would approve of a grown man doing it with his daughters and calling it GOD”S WILL. Those scissors, yeah girls, have em handy. You can always claim you were denied your meds to control those outbursts by uptight men in tights. No female jury would give you jail time. They might even award you a 72 million dollar award for weeding out the masses.

Just because a group of over grown yahoos are running for office does not give them the right to assume they can dictate anything to sheep or women. Have they met Ginsberg? Or Hillary? Do you really think they will just say ok to anyone who makes sheep eyes at them? Don’t think so. Be afraid, be very afraid. The time has come for sheep and women to rebel and rebel we will. The world may have gone crazy, and its time for us to misbehave.

If sheep allow grown men to dictate how women receive health benefits or obtain reproductive healthcare, guys, the days of wine and roses is over. No more getting your groove on, blowing anyone or thing, and NO sheep won’t be used to give you relief. We heard about you pervs. If your cave woman wants to be treated like that, that is her issue, but sheep and women are not having any of it, no how, no way, we had a meeting and its not going to happen. Yes, we have voiced this before, but you didn’t take the hint. Donald, Take the hint. Melania won’t let you force her back into the dark ages. Do you really think she carries all of those scissors just to trim her hair?  Melania, sheep have your back and front. No birth control pills, no pap smears, no groping by doctors, no sex. get the picture?

Ladies raise your right paws, say after us…. I won’t let any man or back woods creationist dictate how my body is treated. I won’t let them force my doctors to shutter their doors who want to give me birth control pills, the morning after pill, allow me to get an emergency D&C or other life ending procedure while they are trying to save my life, or that of a child.  Bad things happen to good sheep who behave too. I won’t vote in any male or female who does not have my back, respects my right to choose, choices, behaviors. I will keep  remove it all if they try to block me from getting checked for lumps, or cancers anywhere in my body. I will not be forced to get bloated, the munchies unless pot or the good stuff is offered in exchange.

Guys, you can try to take the sheep out of the woman, but you can’t take the woman out of the sheep.

Bertha On Cruz’s Round Up Plans…

Bertha wants a word with Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, et all who want to go door to door, rounding up Muslims in their homes, workplace, schools, etc. She compares this to the tactics of the SS During Hitler’s days of terror. They do know those days are over don’t they? We no longer go after those who are Jewish, Italian, French, nor any other group whom the GOP does not like.

It is one thing to go after known terror groups who are on terror watch lists, but sheep do not support the attacks on innocent people who are here, trying to escape the atrocities of what bad apples are and have done. Sheep want to be the voices of those who get harassed, silenced, arrested on false charges, have issues with profiling. Sheep have been thru profiling, it wasn’t pretty.

When sheep first arrived from those farms in England, we too had to assimilate. We went thru torture having to get neutered, fixed, waxed, get tit implants, inflatable tushies, lip waxes, fillers and Botox and still we had issues with five o’clock shadow. That was just the older dames. But we managed to fit in with your designer attire, shoes, wigs, lashes, tans, contacts that were almost blinding for us to use. Have you seen a sheep try to use contacts with hooves? Oy. Still we did this to evade those perverted farmers who wanted threesomes, ménage a troi. Puppy came along when he discovered he could have his produce fetish and still be considered normal under NIMH guidelines. He had crudité platters for later too. We digress.

But these people who come to you, broken, with nothing, no wigs, waxings, implants, nothing to hide their true beauty beneath; you treat them like the common enema. Worse, you treat them like common terriers. Many have spoken out against the violence, denouncing the acts of those who committed them against innocent people here and abroad. not good enough eh? You want them rounded up like enema combatants.

What would happen if we all sat down  at a picnic table and tried to get along? There would be family feuds, but Steve Harvey could handle that. There would be moments of hissing,complaining by GOP wives not getting the 2016-2017 designer sheik from the catwalks. Hey, you have to give those women something to wear besides basic black.

The picnic could combine the sharing of ideas, good food, laughter, tears, ideas, and if you really behaved, perhaps insights into how to combat the radical bad apples. True, nobody would want the Jello, does anyone really like that stuff? The men could share the hooka with leaders, instead of insults. The possibilities are endless.

Cruz is ok with illegal Mexicans being here, they work for him and his wife, Trump too. But you can’t let those who came here willing to risk everything a few moments of peace, normalcy, the ability to acclimate, or at least be treated with dignity and respect?

Sheep do not condone any sort of terrorism, nor support terrorists from any country. But if those who came here are not here to cause mayhem, pain, suffering, just a part of what Americans take for granted, curse, and sometimes see as unfair? Bertha remembers shopping and running into a family who had never seen a transgendered sheep in drag. It was almost too much. The man stared, the woman scratched her burka, and the baby hgh fived her. Nobody bit the other, threw shade on the other, tried to harm the other. Instead, it was a beautiful moment when different classes, species, groups, smiled, nodded politely and went about their business. That is too much for Ted Cruz and the GOP. They want us to be mean, bite and be nasty and rude. But that is not who Americans are, nor who sheep are.

yes, Horrific atrocities occurred yet again in Brussels, and we do not condone it. We pray for the families of those who died, or who were injured, that needed depends. Sheep are not being flip here, nor trying to be insensitive. Of course it was a vile event. But don’t you think its possible those who didn’t cause this, or create it, don’t you think they too feel bad about those events, or how it makes them look to the rest of the world?

Sheep want people to know, you cannot judge a book by its cover. You cannot assume if one sheep is one who flaunts it for all to see, we all are. There is room for everyone who comes in peace, works hard to achieve the American scream, fights the good fight to achieve peace and harmony. For all, with all. Ted is missing out on the bigger lesson here. Cruze still thinks if we don’t support the Zieg Heil, or the SS, we have no place on this earth. You would think he of all people would understand, given the attacks on his being Hispanic. If he hates those attacks, how do you think your attacks feel towards those who came here in peace?

We can hear it now, sheep getting called Muslim lovers. That we hate our own kind, and don’t support our military, or people. No, we don’t support bigots of any kind. Maybe something happened to us when we got them lopped off, the hard way. But if that was the outcome, was it really so bad in the end? Maybe it cleared our vision, broadened our minds, and opened our hearts to bigger and better things. Sheep like to think so.

In closing, Ted, Donald, you have much to learn little grasshopper. Maybe you don’t need to be neutered, but you do need to see, rounding up those who have not caused this mayhem isn’t the answer.




Bertha Is Worried….

While everyone seems to be on a Bernie High, not all sheep are so trusting. Sheep have long mammaries,recall the high the humans had over Obama. The outcome hasn’t been so great. What if sheep and humans suffer the same fait that they did with Obama?

Bertha is sure Hillary can defeat Trump, which is why she voted for our girl. We are not so sure if Bernie could beat him, Hillary takes no prisoners, sorry Hill, we couldn’t refuse. We know she is a tough cookie and has been around the block several times. She knows how congress votes, who they threaten, bribe, pay off, and isn’t about to be one of them. But what if congress makes Bernie a deal he can’t refuse? It could be something as small as coverage for fruit, but would Bernie really sell out the American people over a few dimes?

Congress has not treated him so well. His fellow senators have not treated him so well, how then, could he stand up even with filibusters and vetoes against the likes of the fundy party of No. It better take more than a brisket and shmear to get him to cave to the establishment. If Hillary loses, he is all the democrats have, as they have not yet pulled out anyone else. Al, this would be a good time for you to step in and say I am running now. There would not be a dry Depends in sight. It would be a once in a lifetime event, better than the Watergate Trials.

Bertha approached someone at her city library who had a document wanting a higher tobacco tax hidden in an education bill, wrapped in a conservative agenda. Hell No she didn’t sign it, and she wasn’t going to be conned. She knows if anything less than Al gets in it would be a blood bath of lost civil rights, liberties and wages, jobs, healthcare. Bears could not carry humans,  and women would be reduced to a milking machine and sex toy for the anally challenged. She almost got into a boxing match with one voter who was dead set against raising the wages to a living wage. The poor guy in the middle had to break them apart before someone was bitten.

This election season has brought out the angry, frustrated, sexually repressed, forgotten, and that is just the GOP tea baggies. Bertha warns if this gets worse, you will see a turn of events so cataclysmic that even Trump won’t see it coming. Al, again, this is your cue to announce you are running for president for 2016. Say its so Al, we need you. Hillary needs you and Bernie could do worse. What Al could bring to the table is a lifetime of single payer, jobs, wages that are above the 25.00 an hour mark, hey a sheep can dream. It would mean no more getting inflated at the gas pump unless its for tushies or tits. He might even go after Satan, again, Al, PLEASE say you will run in 2016!

Al is looking back, looking forward and weighing his options. The public is hip to the old republican cheating tactics, so he could not possibly lose twice. Hillary would at least have a decent adversary to run ideas off. Trump would not know what hit him unless Satan chose to run again. Then all hell would break loose and everyone would need Depends. George is saying this time you cannot suck me back in, no how, no way, the goat and I have parted ways, he has changed teams. That is good news for Trump, bad news for Bernie. it isn’t enough to have a transgendered sheep, now we have to have a transgendered goat too? If this is what Cheney causes, imagine what the tea bags would do, and they thought gay marriage was against their religion. Oy, having Cheney would make them all convert.

Bertha isn’t sleeping at night, she is seeing elephants in her sleep, black holes, and those are the campaigns that have and are failing. Rubio, Cruz, which means one of two things. Either Trump will have to run with Cheney, or Hillary has to run with Al. Hillary and Al do have an ax to grind with Cheney, and could bring back the Scope Monkey Trials; now puppy is worried. if they lost those, oy, no brisket, no shmear, no produce, no freedom of choice, no your monkey has his jingles in my drink. Yes Puppy, it could get that bad.

Al, its your time, your turn, the country needs you. Hillary needs you. Sheep are willing to get behind a Gore and Clinton Ticket. We will endorse you; make it happen number one. Bertha could sleep if we  saw that sort of election. If not, it is going to be a long summer and fall, and sheep do not look good with bags under our eyes. A prime example is Bernie.

Enough Said…..GORE/CLINTON  2016

A sheep can dream…..


Bertha Wants Answers….

Bertha does not want to hear rhetoric from politicians, she wants answers. She wants to know who plans to take out that little rodent who is threatening to Bomb Manhatten? Will Trump just build a wall? Will Rubio try to convert him? Will Cruz try to deport him? Bertha knows if Manhatten goes, so does fashion. She is not about to let anyone get between her and her Louboutains, Manolos, Gucci, Chanel. Some things a girl just won’t part with, and won’t let anyone destroy.

Will Bernie offer to give him a living wage, and single payer? Will Hillary sit down with George and his Pet Goat? The goat by the way could not be reached for comment, though thru his spokesperson has stated, he won’t play patty cake with anyone. Bill would tell Kim, “Don’t Even Try.” Bertha likes Bill. Every chance she gets when he is in town, she flutters her lashes at him. Hillary won’t dance. She is not going to let anyone with that kind of a dong attack anybody. She will tell him to keep it in his pants or risk getting neutered. My kind of a dame.

Bertha also wants to know if Bernie offers a living wage, will it cover the rent, utilities, clothes, gasoline, car payments? There is a living wage and there is poverty Bernie. Don’t make the same mistake the others have made and keep the poor in aject poverty calling it living wages.

Bertha is tired of hearing the same old campaign speeches. They will promise this and that, they will force this and that, they will prevent this and that. Oy vey, can’t they all just get along? Would it kill them all to prepare a nice brisket once in a while, put out a table of noshes, and shmears and sit down and agree to disagree? Bertha Likes to nosh. She will sit and daintily dine on bagels and lox with shmear while watching the debates. Bertha hopes Hillary wins as it would mean Bill would be back in the White House. He would be in the dog house if he gets off his leash.

Bernie does not have that problem, no bodies hiding in his closet. Cruz might have a body or two, and we know Rubio likes pole dancers. He likes pole riders too. Trump just likes Melania, and maybe his daughter Ivanka too, we are not too sure about that one. But Bertha wants to know who will protect Manhatten? How do they plan to stop that damn DingDong with the  pint sized schnickle? We could send him some unexploded Uranus, or perhaps some Twinkies. The NSA is scratching their heads, is she talking about what we think she is talking about? Guys, you figure it out. Hey, by the time he gets the Twinkies, we are sure he would have exploding Uranus. Yes, we went there.

George likes that idea, it would get rid of those chippies who have been hanging around, and deal with that NASA deal that plagued him. George, we don’t think it was NASA that is inflamed. Trump wants to deport him. Then he wants to hire him, then fire him, and bring him back for another season. Bernie would give him a job here in a Car Wash, Cruz isn’t sure where to go with him, and Rubio just wants to convert him. Any way you look at this issue it’s not going away.

Hillary is for the death penalty, then she is against it, then she is for going after Wall Street and then staying in Manhatten.That would make Bill happy, a bit too happy,  Bertha has heard about his parties. Hillary has told the secret service no models, no dames, and no fun. That leaves sending him overseas wide open.

But what about jobs? Bill we don’t mean those kind. Bernie is promising to bring back manufacturing, while Hillary isn’t sure. Cruz wants to deport everyone, so cheap labor is out folks, and prices will go up. Trump wants to hire scabs as long as he can, before he finds a way to use El Chappo. Will any offer single payer? Will it last or will some poor soul be in the midst of a new set of tits and suddenly discover, oops, can’t finish them dear. You can fish a tushy issue, at the gas pump, but not tits. Kris Kardashian is panicking, she has to be able to get an even set before the wedding, and Kim is wanting to get them out before the divorce. Bernie this one is on you pal. You are responsible for all of those tits. Bill is envious, so many tits, so little time.

Hillary could be the front runner. She and Trump may have a face off. Boy did that sound wrong coming out. Damn, we did it again. At least we know there will be shmear, a nice brisket and some good wine if either get in. There may not be dancing of the whore ahhhh, but there could be whips and chains after all. Someone has to do it. The Sanders people want to know were we just attacking the Jewish people? No. We are talking about Bill bringing an escort to the White House Balls. That kind of whore ahhh! Now they see said the blind man. Bertha would never attack our friends. But Bill just gives us way too much material, we couldn’t refuse.

The holes, are open tomorrow, and people will cast their votes. For some it will be the end, for others it will be the beginning of one big bang theory.




Sheep Need A Word…..

Bertha is hyperventilating. If she supports Bernie, the chances of her getting her healthcare are 50/50. Meaning if congress says tit implants are not worthy of coverage unless you had breast cancer, you are screwed. Tushy implants won’t fare well either, and nor will waxing and produce. Hey, produce needs to fall under life, liberty and the persuit of happiness. For some, produce means happy, don’t ask, don’t tell, it just does. If she ends up in a closet with a politico, she has to be able to get birth control, at least a good swabbing down. No telling where those boys or girls have been, and she isn’t taking any chances. Bernie means well, but has he looked at what is running congress? Oy, sheep have never seen such a group of uptight ninnies. One broke wind, break out the bible. NOOOO, sheep won’t go for that.

If she votes for Trump, which we don’t see happening either, could she trust him? He hates gays, transgenders, No telling what he would do to a transgendered sheep. Would we be placed on the no call list, or sent to a concentration camp run by Mike Huckabee to be spanked? “Ve Vill Spank you until you see straight”. One problem with that Chappie, when you get neutered, there is no going straight. Its crossed eyes all the way.. They do know that don’t they? We forgot, that is science, medicine, things they don’t want kids to learn.

Bertha can’t vote for Cruz. That would be worse than voting for Huckabee.  If Romney runs, we all will get the runs. There isn’t enough Imodium for that sort of damage. At least he is upfront about it. Ethnics can live together, breathe, have sex, be transgendered, wear hijabs, he just does not want to see us. Having 18 wives and counting, he should talk? No dear, that is not allowed in the bill of rights, and it does not fall under life, liberty or the persuit of happiness. She is not part of that.

So what is Bertha to do, she has to have her tits covered, her tushy inflated, can’t go to the gas station anymore, they banned her due to riots. The woman needs to be able to get waxed and lifted. Nothing is sadder to look at than a transgendered sheep whose assets are falling. She can twirl them with a fork now, so yes, she needs help. She tried slipping them over the shoulder, but they just get in her way when she runs, Nothing stings like a smack in the ass from a falling tit. If she gets coverage, she is going for the whole package. She wants to greet Bill with a salute, not a whimper.

Hillary would let her have a gun, and a garter belt too, she could be given access to clinics, which makes her happy. But Bernie will offer dental, so that is something to think about. Dental, decent wages, healthcare, jobs? Not so much. Jobs might fall under that area the right wingers think are dirty. Can’t offer jobs, unless its in the bible, its not going to happen. Got news for ya, even God got jobs, he just referred to them as gifts from the 12 apostles.

Oy, what to vote for, it was so easy when it was just a pervert, an amnesiac, and a drug addled goat lover. Satan was thrown into the mix with the fanatics and it became an orgy. The KKK are saying, yup, just can’t have any of that. Well guys, if the GOP get in, know white is out of style after fall, and you can’t wear it with leather. Ted, that means you. Cruz is scratching his head, does she mean me or the other TED? Make a wish.

The little dictator is hoping its not Trump. Trump has big plans for him.He wants to build a wall, a casino, golf course, use the nukes for thrill rides. That could pose a problem, could nukes be legal as thrill rides or are they too chafing? Ok, the NSA is saying that one went too far. What a sheep can dream. !

Puppy wants Bernie, as he has promised him produce. No dog will be challenged who wants roughage. Bernie, he isn’t going that route with it, but it shows you are thinking. No it does not fall under single payer, sorry. It isn’t tax deductible. Yup, just like the GOP to take that away from us too. Cheers!






Sheep Compare Elections to Academy Awards…

Bertha sat watching the Academy Awards, under protest, snarfing at those who were passed over, and cheering those who made the cut. It was sad that there could not be more than one award given to best actor, film, but the academy wanted to play politics and choose someone whom was long over due. Leo won. Leo didn’t just take the award, he chose that moment to speak out and up about global warming. Others chose to use that event to speak out about the obvious exclusion of actors and films, that no pun intended, colored the entire event.

If we look at the political race, there are just two sides, not three, and not one of the candidates still in the race is black. Those who were, who had the credentials, the money, but not the connections, bowed out. Politics is a strange bed fellow. It creates enemas where there was once friends, and creates a circus where there was never an even playing field.

In the academy awards there were many categories, many that got snubbed for having the guts to create films that on many levels spoke out about atrocities that can only be imagined. Some were bubble gum with little substance, but a lot of words. Some were snore fests that unless you enjoyed Kafka, you would need a serious bottle of Johnny Walker Red to get thru. What ever happened to making films to make people laugh? Oh sure we had that snipe of a film that was not meant to be a comedy, but like candidates, once they open their mouths, its off to the races. At least with some of the films, there was substance, and those left out, credibility, ethics, values and moral fiber.

Those films that dared to take chances became the red haired step sisters, those nobody felt deserved a place in the race, or an award for work that was equal to their beige competitors. Leo you are not beige, and Matt is not beige, but the academy felt politically, to place all in the same category would be too much for one human to accept. They were wrong. Just like our political system. God forbid we can’t have any more than two groups running for president at the same time. It might cause the public to have options.

What we get left with are two parties one the party of constipation and bigotry, and the other, the party of acceptance and vision to raise wages, provide for the public, healthcare for all. Single Payer, there I said it. I spoke out against the Machine that refuses to let the public have options, or let them think for themselves.

Bertha wasn’t going to watch the Oscars, she was dead set against it, but had hopes someone would have had the decency to represent all groups. She was wrong. While flipping around the non cable stations, intended to silence the public and prevent them from seeing and hearing the actual news, there it was.  Gaga and the brave men and women stood up proud, unafraid, gutsy and giving the middle paw to rapists and politicans everywhere who refused to support them, their rights under healthcare. Bertha became mesmerized. Maybe that was a political ploy to distract from the exclusion issues, but whatever it was, it was the right thing to do. Then came the choosing of Italians, Spaniards, beige, but not white. Brave choices, but not quite brave enough.

If our political system runs like the academy awards, choosing only beige candidates, will there be room left to allow for the black, green, gay, purple, orange? Hillary is not beige, and Bernie is not beige, but they are not the above either. Then you have the other side that is so afraid to run anyone who is ethnic, could be gay, might not be a christain, or who does not support the KKK. I think the public could deal with that. Instead, we are left with nothing but the chair.

The chair wins the award, for best of show. The losers get cookies whose companies are supported by the KKK and NRA. Yes that was a dig at the girl scouts of America, For shame, but what else could we expect from a group that supports exclusion?

Does the chair have a speech? Will it offend everyone? Could it be seen as supportive of equal rights and pay? If it supports gay rights, and equality for all, we can’t have that, let the award go to beige. Beige seems to support the military, veterans, equal rights, it supports healthcare, but not quite for all. It supports immigration reform, and pay cuts to the poor and middle class. So is beige democrat or republican, its not independent. That would not be beige, it would be all the colors of the rainbow.

So Bertha is right, the political system is exactly like the academy awards, without the cookies, fancy gowns and seat fillers. So who is up for watching Jimmy Kimmel? It had on ben Affleck and Matt Damon! They don’t support beige.



Bertha Discusses the Two Political Parties…

Sheeprants7452a has discovered a rather disturbing trend among candidates. The GOP use religion to divide the country, while the DEMS try to stay focused on the issues. That strategy is what bit John Kerry in the behind years ago, and yet, in a weird way is exactly what the public wants.

The public has been force fed the food of the Christian Right wingers to the point some just want them to go away. Irony as it has nothing to do with religion at all. It is an attitude that sheep compare to the “if you ain’t cowboy you ain’t shit” mentality that was a throw back to the early 1980’s. Nobody actually cares what religion anyone is, what some perceive as religious persecution, others see as standing up for their civil rights and liberties. Can the two co exist without driving the other crazy? It is the Odd Couple mentality.

You can have one living with the other if both know the rules. The rules have to be clear so nobody can come back and cry foul if they don’t get their way. The problem is the people behind the GOP candidates don’t want peaceful co existance, rather a constant state of hatred and bigotry to distract and deflect the issues at hand. They pay a lot of money to create a climate of hatred among the parties. They pay bloggers to get online and discredit anyone who dares question or speak out against their candidate or their religious views. They know full well they can’t as there is separation between church and state, but they choose to ignore that just to get the juices flowing to ignite a platform that ignores the issues and focuses on who believes in God or not.

When one of their candidates decides they have had enough of this, and wants to go back to discussing the issues, he is made to be public enema number one. The old trash and thrash until they either quit or get booted by the voters. It becomes a no win situation that they see as either an opportunity to change parties, or go away silently or become an even bigger mouthpiece for the religious right wing candidates. The public then is so weary of any of them or the process they choose either not to vote at all, or choose the lesser of the two evils.

The political arena must look at the bigger picture, with all of the circus happening around the elections, how is the US viewed by other nations? Are we weak, can we deal with something with intelligence, take matters seriously and stay focused on what is really happening without distraction or a desire to play grown up war games? Can these candidates make the distinction between the game War Craft and what would result in catastrophic human loss?

Though sheep do not engage in war games online or other we understand the premise. In real war situations, its not always so easy to see the gray areas. If one is focused on what others want, not what is in the best interest of the country, or economy, can the two co exist? The DEMS seem to be on the right track, but still need to be shown those gray areas. The GOP have no interest in the gray areas and just want to go for the jugular and worry about the fall out later on. Then of course the old invocation of see its their religious beliefs that led us to make such choices? Can that idea even be valid?

Some past presidential candidates have tried to become peace keepers to avoid conflict. They go to school for conflict resolution only to be caught in a catch-22 if they don’t get the conflict to arise. Leaders become angry because their conflict resolution skills are kicking in, which is the purpose of conflict resolution. We need conflict, not enough conflict going on. The public then gets caught up in this faux conflict resolution and before you know it, its become a political issue come election time. Wasn’t the purpose of conflict resolution to avoid conflict in the first place?

Then it becomes the issue of which candidate on each side will be the conflict master. This one has gray teeth, bad breath and not enough roughage in his speeches. We need to have someone who is constipated, angry (from the constipation), so he comes off as the conflict master. But then the other side cries foul and tries to show its not the way to handle debate. Then you have the issue of which candidate is willing to use prunes to become nicer, softer and willing to be less conflict driven. They want mean, but they also want nice. You better tell the prunes that as they only have one agenda in mind. Now, are we talking about the opposing candidates or roughage? They throw a monkey wrench in just to confuse the voter. SEX. We want to go after the whores of Babylon so we can discuss something other than conflict. That opens a whole new can of whoop ass.

Now, you not only have the women’s libbers on you, but the ones with the prunes demanding immediate action. They don’t want to waste time getting caught in the crossfires. No sir, they want action and they want it NOW!. Of course the ones who prefer to use the less violent, more even keeled methods of unblocking conflict, are seen as too soft. Will they be willing to take on the gays who want to marry? Will they be willing to throw grandma out with the poor people? That isn’t soft stool softener, no sir, that is hard core. The mean kind that puts hair on the chest, makes women become men, and men romp with carrots.

Politics is really just a game of who is willing to allow themselves to get blocked up with minutia, use the right stool softener that isn’t so soft you lose your edge, but allows for conflict resolution. The ones who can’t handle it get flushed, the others sit and stew until they either get fed up and try again later, or give it the old college try. They come out beaten up, needing a cigarette, and asking if it was good for you too? Then you have détente, not success but temporary peace talks. This worked for a while, but we have to go back and try harder the next time, using something else. Republicans are looking at me and asking what the hell is she talking about? The DEMS get it, Donald Trump will eventually get it, but those who are still lost in religious persecution games will never get it. Must be some new kind of passage in the bible Fern.

No, Its Conflict Resolution nicely disguised as Politics. ……