Bertha Needs a Word With Donald….

Ahem, Bertha is trying not to hyperventilate, however, given the latest twitters from Donald, she is ready to explode. Oy where to begin with this guy. Clearly sheep need to educate this guy in the fine art of the deal.

Homer, telling cops to abuse the public, criminals violates the rights and civil liberties of even the criminal. While stooge tactics is great for vaudeville, you cannot be telling the police to use vile tactics to land them in a police car, jail cell or other. Can you picture the lawsuits? But Homer said we could. No Bart, you cannot do this.

Then you have the issues with the transgendered in the military. What are we afraid they might fight over lipstick? Worried their pantyhose might get caught up in a bunch? Homer, when they are under fire by the enemy, trying to protect their fellow soldiers, lipstick and pantyhose are the last thing on their minds. If they trained, were proven to be fit for the uniform, combat, who are you to say No? Bertha is shaking her head in disgust. If their fellow soldiers don’t care if they had something lopped off or changed, what is your issue? High heels before cocktail hour? Girdles that hold in that iron gut? Oy the HOrror.

Homey, you need to get a grip, realize this is the year 2017, times have changed, and women and men have equal rights under the law. Notice sheep said men and women as sheep see all people regardless of gender, color, choice, race, equal. We do not suffer from anal glaucoma. Quit pandering to those who can’t get with the program. The pentagon doesn’t care, so naff off.

Now that you have decided to piss off the Mexicans, Chinese, anyone who isn’t lily-white, rich or constipated, we now have travel bans for those choosing to travel. Again with the glaucoma? Now, we do see the value of keeping out that reptile from North Korea. He isn’t balancing on all four wheels. But attacking all of those great men, women, children who want nothing more than a lousy burger and fries, go shopping aiding our economy, having a quiet night at home without bombings and gunfire? For shame.

Bart, its time to realize you don’t have the followers you assume. Oh you have those from the backwoods who still want to have kids with the family pet. You have a few from the business guys who are cheating on their wives, have multiple mistresses, cheat on their taxes, But the public does not like you. Puppy is giving the middle paw. Even the family dog is saying enough, we have seen too much, and don’t want those Rottweilers near us.

Bertha is mooning you, going full frontal in disgust. Your attack on healthcare was pathetic and transparent to block women from obtaining abortion or birth control. Would you block Ivanka? Didn’t think so. We know you tried with your second wife but she told you to naff off. Your healthcare bill is beyond the pale. Time for single payer, high wages and let people do what they need to do. Look what it did for sheep. Everything hangs evenly, no Botox, and we have that fresh from the toucas and tit docs glow. Let Bernie be your guide.

In closing, its time to take the hints from sheep. We have been around a long time, know how things work, and who is zooming who. Using Hillary as a wag the dog? Really? For sheep’s sake don’t get us started, that is for another blog.


But we digress..


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