Bertha, Alive and Kicking and Taking on Trump

Just when you thought Bertha had gone away, SHE”S BACK!!!!!! The old girl has been having issues with a certain block on her account. Ahem, Free Speech is still alive and well in this country and no amount of GOP dumb blondes  can stop us.

Numero Uno Donald, you made a huge faux pas. You bit the hand of the guy who albeit disgustedly backed you in your run for POTUS. You attacked John McCain and all POW’s. This is the guy you were trying to get a vote out of. Now you want him to vote on a plan that attacks seniors, middle class, poor, disabled, disgruntled, and other. You and your cronies still think you can strip them of their rights to healthcare as you rob them of their medicare and Medicaid benefits. If you won’t raise the wages of the middle class or poor, how can they buy into your health insurance? Hello? Lived out of a box much, had to survive on scraps or crappy wages, trying to feed a family of 4, attempting to pay for education,, rent, utilities and car payments? Didn’t think so.

Sheep have not ignored what is going on, nor have we fallen off the planet. We have been monitoring the mishegas you and family have been up to with Russia. “We are not crooks”.  Oy, if we had a pile for every time you and Donald Jr. denied your involvement? You would have a barn full, and in dire need of a shovel. Homer, you are not that dumb. Playing let’s ignore the questions and pretend you didn’t ask, or doing go arounds fools nobody. Bertha knows a con when she sees it. You can fool those who fell off the turnip trucks and backwoods without the education, but anyone with a brain, or who remotely has one knows you are full of crap. Must Bertha seriously call you out? Ok, the old girl is saying it. Donald do the country  a favor and just quit.

Donald, the world is watching you, your report card hasn’t been good, a borderline failure. Bertha knows you can’t get horses to drink if you take them to the sewer. What works in business does not translate to the real world. Ignoring details, the little people is not how to make friends but guarantees an enema.

While you and your cronies snort pate, the elderly, poor, middle class are struggling to get any form of healthcare. Denied access has become the norm. Throwing mom and pop into the streets and out of the nursing homes is not how you want to be recognized. Telling babies, sorry, you might be UN-Imerican we cannot help you. Ta ta. Don’t think so. As mean as Nixon was and as crazy as Dick Cheney is, they would not allow the poor and struggling to die needlessly. But the emporor, drama queen that you are? Hello.

We warned our readers, we would tell it like it is. No filter, sweet talk. Bertha is mad as hell and wants the world to know she has not gone away. Yes, we are keeping tabs on the white house. Yes we are paying attention to what is not said in the media. Want a twitter war with Bertha? Donald, we welcome it. Bring it. I can’t wait to see how the media spins it. Donald caught in a twitter frenzy with sheep. Details at eleven. Puppy is waving his cigar and giving the middle paw.

When you decide to raise wages to a decent, not decadent 15 – 20 per hour, you will be able to offer single payer. Yes Homer you can do this and must. Your current bills won’t fly, just like the I have no idea who was behind the Russia hacking scandal. Bertha and the public is waiting. You have a chance to be a hero, but continue to choose to be a PUTZ. Wake up and smell the pate. Puppy says that isn’t pate, it’s the dung left behind from your spin docs. Oy,

George, is wiping his brow and saying thank god the public no longer is giving me the finger, it’s all on Homer now. But sheep digress…..





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