Bertha Hates Bullies….

Now sheep need to be clear, we are backing Hillary all the way here. That said, we don’t like bullies, guys who like to use swift boat tactics on people just to see the innocent cry. The folks behind Cruz are none other than the Depends Brothers. They like to make good people cry, create fake data to make their opponents look crazy, lazy, mean, mental, or just unfit for a job. This is what is happening to Donald Trump.

Oh, we are not happy about his stand on abortion, reproductive health care, attacking and going after doctors who are fighting to save the life of mother and child. Guys, even if you do everything right, bad things can still happen beyond your control. Few seek out abortions at late stages because they dislike the color of someone’s eyes. More often than not it is due to serious medical problems with the fetus. To want to treat doctors who try to save their lives, but still end up having to end it, like Hannibal Lector, is sick.

Sheep love babies, we have grand sheep. But even so, its not up to anyone to dictate how a woman treats her body. If she needs birth control so be it, if she needs an emergency abortion, hey, like we said, bad things happen to good people. Sheep are more concerned with how Trump will deal with the true culprits of 911. That’s right, Satan and Donald Rumsfeld, John Brenner, Koch Brothers. Is he prepared to go after them and charge them with creating the mother of all false flag attacks on their own people? Hmmmm? The victims and the families of 911 have been misled to believe it was Saudi Arabia, Iraq who caused 911. Oy have I got a camel to sell you in Brooklyn. Um no co chise, they had nothing to do with it. But let the Koch Brothers do their spin magic and hey anyone who questions this, or dares to defend the innocent, are made out to be crazy, mental, evil and just plain stupid and delusional. Sound Familiar Donald? yeah, they are playing you like they played the American people, and to cover their tracks will more than likely create a new war right after the fixed elections, to cover their tracks. Yo Al, they did this to you too.

Trump needs to seriously question the motives of his own party. Why would anyone want a guy like Cruz in office who hates women, hates civil rights and liberties for all? You don’t get votes that way. You do come off as sleazy, lazy, desperate, and unable to run a country. Sheep might not like everything Trump says, but we hate to see him with his pants down and get a wedgie by bullies. That just does not fly with sheep. Our question for those who are trying to wag the poor dog, where is the beef as Clara Peller use to ask? Where is the proof that Saudi did anything on 911? Unless you can provide the documentation which would clearly be contradictory to every other piece of evidence that points to Israel sheep don’t think so. But hey, nice try.

No sheep are not crazy, delusional, we have the beef. By the way, the goat says he is not going to be used again for a fake war. Sheep are not haters of anyone or thing Jewish. But we know to use this as a wag the dog to fix yet another election is just wrong, and a crime against humanity here and abroad. Give the GOP enough rope and they will tamper with yet another election, ruin more decent human beings, kill innocent people here and abroad. They will start another draft to kill more innocent soldiers just to cover their tracks. Old Cruze will go along with it as he is getting bought. So tell us, how much does a new fake war go for these days? Sheep want to know?

Trump is getting played like a Stratavarious, by pro’s. he is getting swift boated, given the mother of all wedgies and told to assume the position. The public deserve better. We want an election whose votes are not by illegals, bought, whose winners did not use fake wars to cover their tracks. Wake up and smell the Hummus people, Saudi isn’t behind 911.

Sheep want to see Hillary and Bernie demand proof. Talk about a debate topic. If Obama can provide documentation that was not falsely created, prove it. Trump this is your chance to demand the beef. The debate should be how can Cruz support liars who already lied about 911 once, and is willing to do this again just to win? If Trump wants to win, he needs to demand this, and ask Hillary and Bernie to do the same. Not to, or to back this lie, shows the nature of the GOP and its beasts.

Trump is a lot of things, but a beast he isn’t. The people deserve a fair election without resorting to cheap shot tactics used when Al had the election stolen from him. If you peel the onion as sheep did, it comes down to petty theft and fraud, grand theft and murder on a major scale, blaming innocent people for crimes they didn’t commit. Covering the tracks using the goat was just cheap, and he wants a refund. I am sure the Belgians are not too happy about it either. it was their bank after all that got robbed.

But hey, anything for a win, right Cruz? Man they like to play guys like dummies. Yo, tell Gepetto if it didn’t work the first time, it won’t work this time. Sheep are not stupid. We got game and know how to use it. If the GOP want to pick on someone, why not go after something they can relate to, like their pals in Israel, they let the intel slip out of their hands. But hey, Saudi was playing with a royal flush. They are prepared to show their cards, they have nothing to hide. Bad poker players, not so much.

Trump this is your chance to call the shots. The public deserves answers. Make your next debate count, and demand Cruz produce his financial backers. If he can’t or won’t, you know he is working for those who are blaming Saudi. Who will Hillary and Bernie work for? Sheep hope its for all of the American people, those here legally, who are owed answers and a fair election.




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