Asking a GOP about Civil Rights..

Puppy wants to know isn’t asking Cruz what he thinks of Gay marriage, Adoptions a lot like asking what a pyro thinks of fire? Hello, they are bigots. But worse he for sure is the mother of them all. Isn’t it kind of hard to speak out of both sides of his behind? We have heard its like asking him, what does he think of pole dancers? Yes, we know it has many connotations, and yes we went there for a reason.

Bertha thinks anyone who does not know the constitution is for all, should not run for dog catcher, much less president. If anyone really thinks he would allow the gay marriages that have already taken place? I have land to sell you in the Sudan cheap. This is the same guy who is for allowing bears to carry weapons in malls, movie houses, bathrooms. Bath houses we could understand, not due to gays, but all of those rodents OJ used. Man if you didn’t get something from them, Oy!

Does Cruz know if he allows pole dancers equal rights, he has to offer his wife a bigger salary? yeah, we know a cheap shot. This yutz has no idea who will own him. He will have more chains on him than those from Roots. At least Roots ended, with Cruz it will be the longest leash of his life. His master will be Satan, sort of ironic when you think about it. Here he is a man of the robe and hood and he will have to answer to Cheney and the Koch brothers. Nobody wants that sort of relationship. Hey, he could have had the Saudis on his side, but NOooo, he has to be the biatch for Satin. Talk about the nightmare that keeps on giving. Paybacks are a bitch.

By the way, we hear the goat and George have bought a timeshare in the Baaaahmas . They want no part of this sick and twisted relationship. The goat is still in therapy from what they made him do. George still has nightmares, he hears voices in his head and looks behind doors and furniture. No amount of nose candy can fix that. Cruz will be main lining it once he is out of office.

We hear Laura went to Jamiaca, came back, moved in with the goat. She will not be voting for Cruz, that  would be too much like the last fiasco. Whether Ivanka will vote for him is up in the air, the dame always did like men of power, and if Cruz is under Cheney, or on top of him, behind him, that could be interesting. yeah, we are going there. Cruz brings out the sheep in us. We know, we are baaaaaaad little girls.

Does Cruz know if he gets owned by cheney and the Depends brothers, it means thirty years of bad luck? No amount of bathing or praying will change that. They could dunk him until he is blue in the face, but that would just get him put on their shit list for life. They don’t like folks of color. Not color, not race, and not people who swing both ways. Hey, you marry a pole dancer, if you are not swinging, you are doing other things. A lifetime of anal glaucoma, man nobody should have to live with that. Cruz, there are suppositories for that, its called the Saudi special if you go against them.

Trump knows not to go against them, he knows not to go against women either. He has three women in his life that could do him harm if he does. But since he was a democrat in his previous life he has a standing chance. He knows not to wear robes except for after bathing. Cruz, you need to lose the cotton. Seriously, that is just in bad taste. It is adding insult to injury.

We think he is the one who ordered that anti gay slur at whole foods. He or his pals. The question is how did he know that couple was gay? Hmmm? Already playing big brother? We know he isn’t playing big sister. But if they want to marry, eat cake, what is the big diff? Who cares? They would make better parents than Cruz or Huckabee, Romney. Even his daughter knows he wears the Boa. when your own kids out you its bad. When they out you on national television its just funny. So Daddy who is married to the pole dancer wears Pink, who knew? Hey, they can’t blame Hillary or Bernie for that one. his own kid outted the guy.

Ask him again, if he will go against the gay marriages? Um, when you wear pink boas, you damn well better say you are for gay marriage or you are just a freak. We don’t want to know how he gets his freak on. Trump, he just handed you the election. Say thank you. Do you think he goes to church wearing the boa? It would clash with the robe and hood, and they might ask him to leave. Hey, he is a betting man, we bet if he prays on it they will come.

Sheep digress, but if you can’t have fun with these guys, what is left? They have or are trying to take away drinking, smoking, drugs, loud music, Emminem, they don’t like olive oil, or sex, hate women, so what is left? We know, its their right to be bigots. If the shoes fit….


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