Bertha On Cruz’s Round Up Plans…

Bertha wants a word with Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, et all who want to go door to door, rounding up Muslims in their homes, workplace, schools, etc. She compares this to the tactics of the SS During Hitler’s days of terror. They do know those days are over don’t they? We no longer go after those who are Jewish, Italian, French, nor any other group whom the GOP does not like.

It is one thing to go after known terror groups who are on terror watch lists, but sheep do not support the attacks on innocent people who are here, trying to escape the atrocities of what bad apples are and have done. Sheep want to be the voices of those who get harassed, silenced, arrested on false charges, have issues with profiling. Sheep have been thru profiling, it wasn’t pretty.

When sheep first arrived from those farms in England, we too had to assimilate. We went thru torture having to get neutered, fixed, waxed, get tit implants, inflatable tushies, lip waxes, fillers and Botox and still we had issues with five o’clock shadow. That was just the older dames. But we managed to fit in with your designer attire, shoes, wigs, lashes, tans, contacts that were almost blinding for us to use. Have you seen a sheep try to use contacts with hooves? Oy. Still we did this to evade those perverted farmers who wanted threesomes, ménage a troi. Puppy came along when he discovered he could have his produce fetish and still be considered normal under NIMH guidelines. He had crudité platters for later too. We digress.

But these people who come to you, broken, with nothing, no wigs, waxings, implants, nothing to hide their true beauty beneath; you treat them like the common enema. Worse, you treat them like common terriers. Many have spoken out against the violence, denouncing the acts of those who committed them against innocent people here and abroad. not good enough eh? You want them rounded up like enema combatants.

What would happen if we all sat down  at a picnic table and tried to get along? There would be family feuds, but Steve Harvey could handle that. There would be moments of hissing,complaining by GOP wives not getting the 2016-2017 designer sheik from the catwalks. Hey, you have to give those women something to wear besides basic black.

The picnic could combine the sharing of ideas, good food, laughter, tears, ideas, and if you really behaved, perhaps insights into how to combat the radical bad apples. True, nobody would want the Jello, does anyone really like that stuff? The men could share the hooka with leaders, instead of insults. The possibilities are endless.

Cruz is ok with illegal Mexicans being here, they work for him and his wife, Trump too. But you can’t let those who came here willing to risk everything a few moments of peace, normalcy, the ability to acclimate, or at least be treated with dignity and respect?

Sheep do not condone any sort of terrorism, nor support terrorists from any country. But if those who came here are not here to cause mayhem, pain, suffering, just a part of what Americans take for granted, curse, and sometimes see as unfair? Bertha remembers shopping and running into a family who had never seen a transgendered sheep in drag. It was almost too much. The man stared, the woman scratched her burka, and the baby hgh fived her. Nobody bit the other, threw shade on the other, tried to harm the other. Instead, it was a beautiful moment when different classes, species, groups, smiled, nodded politely and went about their business. That is too much for Ted Cruz and the GOP. They want us to be mean, bite and be nasty and rude. But that is not who Americans are, nor who sheep are.

yes, Horrific atrocities occurred yet again in Brussels, and we do not condone it. We pray for the families of those who died, or who were injured, that needed depends. Sheep are not being flip here, nor trying to be insensitive. Of course it was a vile event. But don’t you think its possible those who didn’t cause this, or create it, don’t you think they too feel bad about those events, or how it makes them look to the rest of the world?

Sheep want people to know, you cannot judge a book by its cover. You cannot assume if one sheep is one who flaunts it for all to see, we all are. There is room for everyone who comes in peace, works hard to achieve the American scream, fights the good fight to achieve peace and harmony. For all, with all. Ted is missing out on the bigger lesson here. Cruze still thinks if we don’t support the Zieg Heil, or the SS, we have no place on this earth. You would think he of all people would understand, given the attacks on his being Hispanic. If he hates those attacks, how do you think your attacks feel towards those who came here in peace?

We can hear it now, sheep getting called Muslim lovers. That we hate our own kind, and don’t support our military, or people. No, we don’t support bigots of any kind. Maybe something happened to us when we got them lopped off, the hard way. But if that was the outcome, was it really so bad in the end? Maybe it cleared our vision, broadened our minds, and opened our hearts to bigger and better things. Sheep like to think so.

In closing, Ted, Donald, you have much to learn little grasshopper. Maybe you don’t need to be neutered, but you do need to see, rounding up those who have not caused this mayhem isn’t the answer.





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